Yvette Troyna

Content Creator 2020-present 

Founding Director Superpower School Inc (2020-present)

Founding Publisher Humboldt County Lines (2004); Bigfoot Valley News (2005-2008); Behind the Redwood Curtain (2007-2008)

Columnist Bring Your Own Sunshine; Day Trips; Go Ask Granny (2004-2008)

Executive Contributing Writer Brainz Magazine (2021-2022)

Author Aesop's Foibles: The REAL Story Under the Anthill (2022); Pink Moon Challenge (2022); CRASH Recovery Protocol (2023); Lichen Boys (2023) Part 1 of a sci fi series; Releasing the Patriarchal Grip; California Schemin'; Medical Asylum; Is Positivity Making You Sick? (pending release)

Education: BA Positive Psychology, Ashford University; Mindfulness Certification, Positive; APEX Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM; Certified Personal Trainer, PACE 

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Hey there! Let's disrupt the all-too-common negative patterns set in motion within our lives without our informed consent. There is a beautiful thought system in Africa called Ubuntu.
I'll try to not butcher its essence with my take on it when I say,
"I win only when we ALL win."
Please feel free to message me on all major channels. My writing and courses are each aimed right at your heart and soul. I want YOU to win! I want Moi to win! I want US to win!
We're all in this game we call Life together. Let's support each other Ubuntu style, shall we?
Yvette personally replies to email at least twice a week, as she comes up for air from her latest project.
thank you for your patience!

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