There is a beautiful thought system in Africa called Ubuntu. I'll try to not butcher its essence with my take on it when I say, "We win only when we ALL win."  
Please feel free to message me on all major channels. My writing, business couple retreats, and courses are each aimed right at your heart and soul, because, frankly I'm tired of the struggle. I'm tired of believing we are here to struggle. See, I believe we're made for better things. For joy! For peace! For love! For success! For exciting adventures, exhilarating ah-ha moments, and precious, healing rest. 
I want YOU to win! I want Moi to win! I want US to win!

Yvette Troyna

Founder, FLAME Business Couple Retreats

Content Creator 2020-present 

Chef Yvette, partner CookUnity Seattle 2022-present

Founding Director Superpower School Inc 2020-present

Chef Owner, Sweet Basil Catering 2008-2020

Founding Publisher Humboldt County Lines 2004; Bigfoot Valley News 2005-2008; Behind the Redwood Curtain 2007-2008

Columnist Bring Your Own Sunshine; Day Trips; Go Ask Granny 2004-2008

Executive Contributing Writer Brainz Magazine (2021-2022)

Author Aesop's Foibles: The REAL Story Under the Anthill (2022); Pink Moon Challenge (2022); CRASH Recovery Protocol (2023); Lichen Boys (2023) Part 1 of a sci fi series; Releasing the Patriarchal Grip; California Schemin'; Medical Asylum; Is Positivity Making You Sick? (pending release)

Education: BA Positive Psychology, Ashford University; Mindfulness Certification, Positive; APEX Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM; Certified Personal Trainer, PACE 

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Yvette personally replies to email at least twice a week, as she comes up for air from her latest project.
thank you for your patience!

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