Yvette Troyna

FLAME Business Couple Retreats

Rekindle and Prosper
DAY 1 prioritize

You've arrived! Now you KNOW why you're here rekindling and prospering with FLAME. Luxury inspires creativity, self care, romance, and prosperity.

You need a reset from the rat race. You need to remember each other. You need to remember your Self. Why you're here in the first place. Get comfy, grab some dinner, snuggle up with your FLAME gift basket. Most importantly for Day 1: Remember when you ached to be together, basking in each other's presence like a mesmerizing sunset. Oh wait. You're at it again? So soon? But you just got here!  Yesssssssss!

Day 2 rejuvenate

Morning, Lovebirds in Business!

First order of business: nourishment. Enjoy a fresh, vibrant breakfast.  Take a stroll to aide digestion.    Take another hour to refresh.     

This is You2.0. 

When you're ready, don those fluffy spa robes and slippers and stroll to the spa where FLAME inspired spa treatments initiate You2.0 into a new season of romantic prosperity

Once you're pampered and feeling floaty, take yourselves to your room for a shower, a cuddle, and a nap-- you'll need your strength at dinner.  


Start with the basics to make sure your foundation is bedrock solid. Once we've shored up your perimeter, let's focus on all the fun you missed during the grind!

Experts guide you with tips to rekindle your romance. Topics focus on shoring up loyalty and connection by inspiring romance, introducing healthy mystery and challenge, gender communication translators, clarifying roles within the relationship and workplace, mirroring for effective empathy,  and ID sexual challenges  in a nonjudgmental, scientific setting. Bottomline: 2nd honeymoon vibes 


We LOVE that you can't keep your hands off each other, and we're here to help you leverage that passion in your business as well. Turns out, healthy relationships sport the same magical ingredients found in prosperity.

Let's enhance your love as a legacy of wealth and a catalyst to shoot prosperity into the stratosphere. FLAME Business experts take your company to its next level with a wildly-too-successful-to-be-this-simple, proven 1-2-3 formula that harnesses strengths found unique to empire-building power couples (like you).

2024 Event Menu


What’s included
 Jamaica Retreat

all inclusive (except for travel expenses) 4 days 4 nights. per couple


1:1 Business Mentorship

work with experts in a concentrated area of your business or relationship


Alumni Rekindling

relationship-centric follow up events to keep rekindling that fire between you


Alumni Prosperity 

business-centric follow up events to keep prosperity in your company